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Lucent Productions is an freelance video production company focused in action sports but with additional experience in a wide range of video production from commercial to wedding videography.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Thanks Denehy.

Well I have to redesign the Lucent Site at some point, and I like Denehy's setup on the Eastern Front site with a blog for all the news, so i'll bite on it. I hope you can forgive me Ryan!

For now check out the most recent vid of mine at Littermag.com from the 2007 US Open of Mtn Biking at the Diablo Freeride Park in NJ. At least this year I didnt hit any craters on the highway's of CT.

Other than that, just finishing up projects currently and starting a game plan for the first Lucent DVD. Hopes of it being a first of its kind in some aspects, but its too soon to give away all the details! Keep an eye out for Lucent at the Mount Snow NORBA Championships at Mt. Snow, and possibly Mount Saint Anne!

On a personal note, I am moving into a new apartment July 1st with my amazing girlfriend. Scary? No. Exciting? DEFINITELY. What does this mean? Lucent has an 'office' so expect some pics after July 1st!

- LP

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