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Friday, June 15, 2007

Nothing important ever belongs strictly to you.

I was sent a link the other day about an article on Jim Phillips, an artist that has designed many of the most insane skateboard graphics over the years. And I wanted to share a quote from the article that really struck me.

"Nothing important ever belongs strictly to you, it’s always shared and divided and sub-divided and its meaning gets lost in countless mall stores and Mtv shows and summer music tours. But it’s not just skateboarding—it’s the same with just about everything. No matter how personal it is, it will eventually be parceled out and imbued with a meaning you never meant for it to have. Everything truly good inevitably becomes part of a larger unconscious, and suddenly that thing (the curb you and your 12 year old friends would session for hours, your swimming hole, or maybe your first band in your pal’s garage) belongs to the world and you’re left struggling to hold on to that little spark it ignited in your chest at the very beginning. Don’t worry too much, though, because that’s just how it is. Invariably, that thing that made you you, will have made countless other people who they are as well. That’s just how it goes, so it’s best just to acknowledge it and move on and, hopefully, retain a bit of that childlike innocence and infatuation with all that the world can be and still holds in store."

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