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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hell Track

Over a year ago, a handful of alumni and current riders for the NU Cycling Team started digging in a secret location outside of Boston. The idea was a single slalom/pump track/jump/berm course that would give the local riders a quiet and 'secret' place to get some riding without worrying about it being overrun and unmaintained by a million groms. What started as a few berms in the first months last year has grown in a full blown super fast course, with multiple options and new features popping up this year due to some hard work from a handful of people.
Here are a few pics to give a sneak peak at the top half of the trail, dubbed Hell Track in memory of the best bike movie known to man. Pics courtesy of NU Cycling team rider Jesse Kuhn

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Anonymous said...

wheres the kix bowl ?