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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

MSA Race Report Part 2.

Speaking of crashes (from Part 1) I saw one of the gnarliest crashes on Saturday. One of the Nor Cal rider apparently got a flat tire right before the high speed step down before the S-turns under the lift. As he landed the step down his front tire ripped off and sent him over the handlebars, with this resultant carnage:

Thankfully the rider wasnt seriously hurt, some scrapes and cuts and a slight concussion.

Race day on Sunday was so insane, with Peaty edging out Sam Hill for the top spot in the qualifiers. I managed to score a sweet spot right at the finish line to see the last 6 guys come through, including Sam Hill's winning run!


Rennie and Lehikoinen.

Men's Podium:

Fabien Barel - 5th
Matti Lehikoinen - 4th
Greg Minnaar - 3rd
Steve Peat - 2nd
Sam Hill - 1st

For the women, Sabrina Jonnier pulled the top qualifier spot and the win!
I've never seen a woman chug champagne like her, I think she ended up drinking 3 bottles!

Other random pics and after party pics!
Sam's gold e.13 chainring

What do you do during down time at the chalet if you're Sam Hill? You autograph World Champ jerseys!

Monday was Quebec's national holiday, so there was an all night party at the mountain:

And with that, my first World Cup race is in the books! I just got a call from the airport luggage people saying my bags have been dropped off at my apartment, so hopefully I should have another video update tonight!

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