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Monday, July 9, 2007

Year of the Golden Pig!

This past weekend Dave Weagle of e.13 components and Evil Bikes hosted the second annual Big Top party at his home on Martha's Vineyard. The beach, a pig roast, mounds of food, seemingly unlimited beverages, and a live band....one of the best parties all year!

The bike ride from the ferry to Dave's was 6 miles, but thankfully flat.

We even stopped at one of the bridges along the way to do some freestyle bridge jumping. I flipped while Joey Appleton 360'ed and Brian cannonballed. The French judge gave me a 5.4 for not pointing my toes.

That kiddie pool is for booze, not swimming!

"I am going to eat the whole thing."

Denehy and Doug were there too! Ryan is pointing at me for a rematch in beer pong since Lori and I beat him & Doug 2 out of 3 times.

The gracious hosts!! Thanks again Dave, see you on the mainland brotha!

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