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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Are Est Tee.

Aaron Lutze is a jack of all trades when it comes to the bike industry. On top of PR, marketing, videography, and Guitar Hero...he also heads up the stateside distribution/HQ for RST Forks in Portland, OR. I recieved the official press release today for the 2008 line of aftermarket forks!

"RST USA is proud to announce the arrival of a new line of aftermarket forks, spanning all of the riding disciplines: cross country, all-mountain, twenty-niner, dirt jumping, slopestyle and downhill.
The new RST aftermarket line has been developed over the course of the past three years, tested in some of the most rigorous environments, like the Red Bull District Rides and numerous dirt jump/freeride contests worldwide. The forks have been refined to a point where they are finally ready for the North American market.
A new website has been launched with technical information about each fork, regular news updates, team information and more: http://www.rstmtb.com/
The F1RST, Titan and M-29 forks are now available for purchase, with the Space, Storm and R1 forks becoming available at the end of the month. The new forks in the aftermarket line are competitively priced and offer up a functionable and affordable alternative to the existing forks on the market.

In addition to the aftermarket line of forks, a new office has been established in Portland, Oregon to assist with sales and service of the new RST aftermarket forks.
Technical questions, dealer inquiries and all other information can be addressed by contacting the new RST office in Portland.
The office information is as follows:
Phone: 971.255.0399
E-mail: sales@rstmtb.com, service@rstmtb.com, info@rstmtb.com
Website: http://www.rstmtb.com/"

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