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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow my god!

I love winter. I love snow. I love walking down a street right after a snowfall before the plow trucks or cars have disrupted a fresh blanket of new snow.
To say we've had a white winter in the Northeast is an understatement of epic proportions!

The winter time is usually my 'off season' for filming, but I've luckily had a few things to keep me busy during these frigid months.

First up was a shoot with the guys over at Green Wax at Crotched Mountain. It's awesome seeing more and more mountains come on board with Green Wax for all their tuning and rental waxing needs!

I've shot many outdoor events in the past, but never any in the cold of winter. I made the trip up to Bretton Woods with the Bean Snowboards crew to shoot the first stop in the Main Event series. It was definitely a learning experience as far as battery life goes! I think I went through about 5 hand warmers just to keep batteries somewhat above freezing.

Now that I've had the 7D for a solid 6 months, I finally decided to test out the slow motion 60fps shooting mode. So on a day I had 'early release' due to Old Man Winter, I decided to have some backyard fun and shoot a self-filmed video. Overly dramatic slomo FTW!

Last up is a fun little test video. My grubby fingers got themselves a GoPro in the mail so I tested out the Time lapse photo function while my fiance and I shoveled for the ten millionth time this winter!

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