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Friday, July 10, 2009

Distance makes the heart grow fonder.

I usually have a purpose for posts, but this one is completely random, so I apologize on what you may consider a poor excuse for a 'deep thought'.

It kind of just hit me that some of the people I have met, and/or know on a more intimate basis, that I consider to share and appreciate their perspectives on life & the mtb industry live in distant corners of this rock we inhabit. For a second it kinda bums me out, but at the same time I'll be even more stoked on the rare occasion we get to share a 3D experience together.

What am I tryin to say? Basically the same sh!t people say all the time. Appreciate the people you have in your life, even if they're a digital version of themselves on a washed out computer screen. For the handful of peeps I'm referring to (you may or may not know who you are), I hope our paths cross in the near future.

For now one of my baddest of rad 3D friends is coming over to hang out and grill on a warm Friday night. Hugs.

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