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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ain't no sunshine when shes gone...

I don't really remember the last time I saw the sun, I'm pretty sure it was over 2 weeks ago, and I'm pretty sure the trails have the consistency of a water logged loaf of bread.

In other news.....I have been a contributor to LitterMag for a few years now and have developed an quite pleasant "e-friend" level relationship with Shawn Spomer. (Spom's if you're read this: if we hang 2 more times in person you get bumped to "3D friend" status.)
Anyways, Littermag is probably one of THE best online media sites in the mountain bike industry. Not for some fancy flash layouts, or do-hickey forums, but for some of the most rad content on the planet. The "cream-of-the-crop" photogs like Sven and Gary Perkins are regular contributors, so I am pretty stoked to be mixed in with those guys.
The BIG news for Litter/Shawn, its that they have partnered with the Vital Media Network, founders of VitalBMX.com and VitalMX.com, to create VitalMTB.com. The crazy part is that Shawn had temporarily scaled back the site content at one point. The new site drops August 1st, and I should still be contributing to the new venture!

Pics for clicks

Both machines in action. Sad part is that my laptop has more power than the G5 tower. My girlfriend knows more about Final Cut Pro than your girlfriend. Rad.

You'll find some really cool, interesting, or just plain weird items when you buy a house formerly occupied/owned by a couple in their 70's. I found this old Kodak film canister in the basement workshop, filled with about 100+ various keys to god knows what. It now houses my loose change. File this one under the 'cool' category.

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