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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Crunch time.

So here's a quick lil update on FD for those that actually check this out. When I get home later I will prob post an awesome screen capture of some goons that work at a chain guide company.

Finished segments (minus titling and minor tweakage):

US Open
Trumpore Brothers
Wham Bam Thank You Jam (orig edited in SD, might re-capture and edit in HD if theres time!)
Dave Smutok
Sea Otter DH
Sea Otter DS

To be finished this week
The rest of Seth Loli's/Quebec crew super-segment
Joey Appleton
Bonus Material, which will prob be combined into one or two good sections depending on music I have to use.

After that its crunch time on the full FD launch site, DVD duplication and artwork. So needless to say, theres a lot to be accomplished to still have this released in March on top of a 40 hr job outside of video editing. If its not done by March 31st.......well......beggars cant be choosers!!

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