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Friday, February 15, 2008

A new point of view.

A Viosport POV.1 helmet cam arrived on my desk this morning to be used for a shoot this weekend for a very large motorcyle company (to be named later!). Despite my limited experience/debauchery with helmet cams, I can say that this setup blows others out of the water for the following reasons:

1.) Self contained unit - all you need is the helmet cam and the cpu/recorder. No extra battery packs, or small miniDV cameras to lug in a seperate backpack. The cpu/recorder would fit nicely in an Ogio-type vest with minimal restriction/weight.
2.) Resolution options - there are different quality options that can be set (by why not always use highest?) as well as aspect ratios. Being able to record in true widescreen format is a big plus for combining it with HD widescreen footy in post production
3.) Wireless remote - typical helmet cams require a wired LANC controller to the miniDV camera. The wireless remote that comes standard with it is perfect for mounting to handlebars, etc.
4.) Memory cards - cheap and easy. Supports up to 2Gb cards, and a 1Gb card holds 43 min of footage at the highest resolution.

The only downside I see is the price. At a high ticket price of $699, it might be more than most want to spend. But you dont need to shell out money for a small miniDV camera or extra accessories like a remote or mounting hardware...so I say its worth it.

Check out some pics of what comes stock:

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