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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Vegas, Baby....VEGAS!

No, I will not be in Vegas for Interbike....AGAIN.

But if you happen to make it to the expo, check out the IH and FSA/Gravity booths to watch a few short clips filmed/edited by Lucent

Iron Horse @ MSA

Gravity profile of Chris Van Dine @ Sea Otter 2007

and lastly, the recently finished Gravity profile on Dave Smutok @ Highland Mountain Bike Park.


Anonymous said...

I was quite inspired by the Iron Horse video!

Have to know - what is the name & artist of that song? It's haunting me.

Thanks for the great work.

Justin said...

Song for the IH video is by the Mexican Institute of Sound, called "Mirando A Las Muchachas"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that Justin