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Friday, September 14, 2007


This past week I went up to Highland Mountain Bike Park in NH to film Dave Smutok for his FSA/Gravity spot. Shot a bunch of crane footage in the jump park which I think came out pretty sweet. Also shot some 'behind the scenes' b-roll for the segment since Don Hampton was in attendance with George Ryan and Adam Hauck shooting for the next Chain Reaction.
All in all it was a complete waste of a day as far as shooting. 3/4 of the day was wasted trying to get a cable line setup for Dave's new line in the woods which was a bust.

Snapped a few pics in the many hours of down time.

Hauck, George, Doug, and Damien Breach all enjoying a quick YouTube video.

Highland has their own in-house setup for cutting planks. Totally bad ass.

Step down/step up portion of Dave's new line in the woods. He has some sick plans for this area next year which will be amazing.

If you're at Interbike this year, check out Dave's spot at the FSA booth, along with my segment on Chris Van Dine @ Sea Otter.

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