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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bulldozers and backhoes

As stated in my last post, I am off in Peoria, IL at one of the main Catepillar offices all week. I arrived in Chicago on Sunday only to find out my connection flight was cancelled, and that the next flight was delayed 4 hrs. So instead of sitting around HOPING I'd make the next flight on standby, I rented a car on the company dime and drove through 2.5 hours of corn:

To give you an idea of how old school industrial the town is, this is one of the main roads I first drove on once I got into town, complete with some gigantor factory pumping out ozone-loving pollutants:

Seeing as the two best parts of my trip so far were this huge statue, and the Catepillar Merchandise Store, you can assume that I am NOT having a blast:


Lori said...

At least there is some eye candy w/that statue. And a sweet continental breakfast daily.

Brian said...

never again can you say my camry is not a race machine.