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Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Real update: Ryan McDermott Muay Thai video

Ryan McDermott is one of my best friends that I've known since high school, and has been training as a Muay Thai fighter for the past 6+ yrs. His 'pay the bills' job is as an architect, so it's a pretty big contrast seeing him transform from dress clothes to fight gear. Ryan would be the first to admit that he used to have a temper in his college days, resulting in him punching holes in walls. The temper is gone but he's still punching things. The only difference now is that he has to watch out for that return left hook.

I visted Ryan's fight school Redline Fight Sports in Cambridge, MA last week over the course of 2 nights. Night one we shot 90% of the footage, including some dolly footage and some helmet cam footage using the ContourHD 720p camera. Worked out pretty good, I did some handheld shooting with it, and then placed it under one of the bags to get a unique perspective. Night two we shot the interview and some additional POV sparring footage using the helmet cam again. Pretty pumped on the end result, even though I always see things after the fact I wish I could do over.


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