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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Kevin Shiramizu is someone that I group into my 'quasi friends' catagory. Nothing against Kevin, I actually wish the dude lived closer to the east coast because all of my deductions about him bring me to the conclusion that he rocks. Not a full fledged pal, but also not one of my many exclusively e-friends either. Quasi because we have met before, but I have a new rule that I am not officially your 3D friend (one of Kevin's terms) until we have hung out 3 times. So I guess our friendship terminology is 'It's Complicated'.

Regardless, Kevin's blog is one of those sites that you'll visit and end up reading through 100 posts before you realize you missed your lunch break. Sometimes bike related, sometimes a randomly awesome video, or sometimes just his brain dropping some knowledge. Oh yeah, and Kevin also takes pictures/shoots video. He's in my Rad catagory of people I know.

Check it.

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